Mt Eden Villa

Mission Bay Driveway
April 1, 2019
Modern Entranceway
April 4, 2018



Mt Eden




This customer was after a driveway that would create a bit of a feature for their newly renovated Villa. The result was this cobblestone driveway with a Holland paver border. The 'Black Sands' colour tied in perfectly with the house and the paved style rather than concrete - was definitely a great option.



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  • Pavemaster worked with us in the refurbishment of our cafes outdoor area. Alistair was happy to share his knowledge around the different types of pavers available. We are very happy with the design of our new paved area and would recommend your company to anyone looking to pave their commercial property.


  • Lovely guys..... can't believe my luck finding you. Wish you could do ALL the work we need would have you back in an instant. Thanks so much....Peter is chuffed


  • We had a paved outdoor area that was a real hazard for our young family. Some pavers had risen while others had sunken into the ground making it easy to trip on. Alistair provided us with a cost-effective option to re pave the area by recycling some of the existing pavers. The finished project looks great – we wish we had it done sooner.

    Allan Buchan